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  • Concrete Cutting
    We specialize in professional concrete cutting services for contractors and commercial clients across Texas. With more than 25 years experience in the business, we're not only the most qualified sub-contractor for your project, but help you qualify for projects that request services from minority-owned companies.

    Our experience is unmatched in the industry and can be adapted to any size project. We can accommodate all of your commercial concrete cutting projects.

  • Concrete Slab / Flat Cutting
    GHR provides virtually every type of saw / slab / flat cutting service for clients across the region. From street repair to bridge rehabilitation, we can accommodate every concrete cutting slab application you need.

  • Concrete Wall Sawing
    Our experienced team is able to cut and/or enlarge openings in concrete

  • Concrete Core Drilling
    Diamond core drilling is dust-free, quiet and capable of cutting through steel reinforced rod with little difficulty. Unlike rotary percussion tools, there is no vibration when core drilled and consequently no structural damage.

  • Interior Trenching
    Cutting trenches in concrete floors for plumbing, electrical, sump pumps, French drains or other utilities

  • Hand / Ring / Chain Sawing
    GHR is able to provide skilled Hand / Ring / Chain sawing services when other types of sawing cannot be performed. These types of sawing will meet the need for tight corners or no over-cuts.

  • Cutting / Removal / Replacement
    GHR has proven experience cutting, removing and replacing concrete walls, floors, walkways and stairs for commercial applications.

  • Selective Demolition
    GHR is skilled with selective demolition of parts of buildings and houses of any type.